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Meet Dr. Sarah Saxon, MD

Before Sarah Saxon was a surgeon, she was an artist. Having had formal art classes starting at the young age of 7, she knew her talents and aptitude for portrait drawing would one day be incorporated into her professional life in some way. A native of Carthage, Texas, Dr. Saxon went on to Baylor University with a particular interest in transforming her lifelong fascination into surgical expertise.

After graduating from Baylor, she spent over a decade in the most rigorous training in facial plastic surgery which included 4 years of medical school at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, 5 years of residency in Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery at University of New Mexico, and additional fellowship training in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery at Boston University under the mentorship of world renowned surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel. In addition, she mastered the nuances of reconstruction of congenital ear anomalies (microtia) with the world expert in the procedure, Dr. Satoru Nagata in Japan.

Dr. Saxon then joined the faculty as an Assistant Professor at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas where she taught residents and offered the full spectrum of both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures including facial trauma at Parkland Memorial Hospital, correction of congenital defects at Children’s Medical Center, as well as functional and aesthetic procedures at UT Southwestern.

Having trained with Dr. Spiegel, she is one of the nation’s few experts in facial feminization surgery, helping hundreds of transgender patients. Many of these same techniques are now becoming more popular among men and women alike to realize changes possible for a more youthful and feminine appearance. As a female cosmetic surgeon, she understands the needs of many of her patients. No matter how big or small the procedure, she focuses on her patients’ desire to look natural and improve confidence with as little downtime as possible.

Dr. Saxon transitioned her practice to Austin, TX one year ago, and she brings her expertise to every procedure and every patient. She says, “Our face is the first thing people see. It’s what identifies us – what we show to the world of who we are. I get a lot of gratification from being able to give people more confidence in how they interact with others.”